Medical tourism: Pack ALL INCLUSIVE for foreign patients

Do you like to know more about our ALL INCLUSIVE cosmetic surgery offerings?

If you are thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery with us and you live outside the country, we offer you a unique experience in collaboration with Palauet Royal Suites.

The ALL INCLUSIVE cosmetic surgery offerings have been specially designed for you so that you feel at home and well cared for throughout the entire process.


What does the package include?

– Consultation prior to surgery: The first step is a consultation with our surgeons online or in person to establish a diagnosis and answer all your questions about the surgery.

– Transportation: all transfer services to the hospital, our clinic and the hotel will be included.

– Surgery: performed by expert surgeons with extensive experience in top-level operating rooms equipped with the latest technology.

– Hospitalization: 1-night stay in a private hospital located in the upmarket area of ​​Barcelona with luxury facilities to ensure your comfort (for those surgeries that require overnight stay). Outpatient surgeries will not require a stay in the hospital.

– Stay at Palauet Royal Suites until the 1st post-surgical check-up, generally 7 days after the surgery to remove the stitches.

Live a unique experience and let us take care of everything. Our team of professionals will accompany you throughout the process and watch over you at all times so that you can recover well in a safe and controlled manner. Sit back and recover and enjoy the incredible results.

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